Spanned Drives

Well, I have 3x 120GB drives in the server… 1 is the system drive, and the other 2 are setup in a software RAID (JBOD).

It turns out that I was trying to install the OS on one of the spanned drives. As soon as I identified the correct drive, then I blew away the old Windows installation and installed. What scared me the most was when I couldn’t rebuild the JBOD array… it wanted to format them! They were plugged into a RAID channel on the motherboard, so I plugged them into a normal ATA channel, and it saw and imported the drives.

Whew… dodged a bullet. I really need to get a RAID 1 system going or a drive big enough to hold all my files. Most of the files are for MP3s, so I was thinking these should be moved to one of the Media Centers. There really is no reason to have a server since all my web projects are hosted on OCMS… the only thing the server does for me really is host files and eat electricity. I would love to use a NAS but they are so freakin expensive!

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