Space Ace Blu-Ray Review


Nostalgia revisited

If you are a fan of arcade games, especially those that have the tendency to empty your pockets quicker than a trophy wife, the fact that a classic like Space Ace is now available in Blu-Ray format is a dream come true. For more specifics about Space Ace, please visit Alan’s review of the Space Ace HD for the PC here….

Unfortunately, Space Ace has never garnered as much attention as its predecessor: Dragon’s Lair. Perhaps it is because over the years, nothing has changed in order to grab the attention of a new generation of gamers.

Space Ace has made the jump to the powerful PS3 and the graphics are cleaner because of it. Some graininess from the original production is still present, but overall the animation sequences are like watching a high-quality Anastasia (which, coincidentally, Don Bluth worked on).

I do not have any beef with the animation, but I am disappointed that the overall gameplay mechanics have not changed over the years. Perhaps playing Space Ace with a joystick makes the game more interesting, but a Blu-Ray remote or PS3 controller functions in relatively the same way.

The problem with the gameplay isn’t so much which controller you are using, but the frustration that it takes to navigate through the game. The player must use the directional pad on the controller or the directional buttons on the remote to negotiate the actions required in each level. For each sequence, you have a one in four chance of guessing the right direction to go. As a “hint”, the game provides a red or green light on the right side of the screen, green meaning you pressed the right direction, red meaning, of course, that you suck and are going to die.