Sony to replace PS3 controllers

Sony has told that the company will provide a service to replace wireless PS3 controllers “when and if” their lithium batteries degrade.

A report on observed that the pads do not feature removable battery packs, arguing this would render them “effectively useless” as wireless controllers after a certain number of charges.

This, the article claimed, would leave consumers “forced to shell out” for replacements.

But a Sony spokesperson told, “This is a purely speculative story and is largely untrue. The latest generation of Lithium Polymer batteries hardly suffer any memory effect at all, so it’ll be many years before there’s any degradation in terms of battery performance.”

The spokesperson went on to confirm, “When and if this happens, then of course we will be providing a service to exchange these items.”

A European price point for the pads has yet to be announced, but yesterday SCEA announced they will retail for USD 49.99 (EUR 39). It was also confirmed that PS3 owners will be able to charge and use their controllers via a supplied USB cable.