SOCOM 4 Unveiled! Your Questions Answered


SOCOM 4 Unveiled!

On Wednesday, January 26th, Sony and Zipper Interactive invited the OCmodshop crew to their offices in Redmond, Washington to take a look at the new SOCOM 4 and let us ask questions.  Not only did we get a full tour of the game, but they had a lobby all decked out with multiple stations for us to play the single and multiplayer campaigns.  They even showed off some of the new technology features, particularly 3d television support and Playstation Move support and a new gun peripheral.

Travis Steiner, lead designer of SOCOM 4 kicked off the event, who gave a quick overview and then showed a short demo of the single-player campaign and multiplayer game.

We’re happy to show you the latest progress with the new SOCOM 4. We’re very happy to be on the virge of releasing another SOCOM game. If you count SOCOM 4, Zipper Interactive has developed seven SOCOM titles across three platforms, and development stretches nearly a decade. The games have sold over 12 million copies worldwide, which is a phenominal success. We’ve looked at SOCOM as setting the standard for online console shooters and we’re particularly interested in raising that bar yet again with SOCOM 4 when it releases exclusively for the Playstation 3 on April 19th.

SOCOM 4 isn’t just some small iteration, but rather SOCOM redefined. This is a major evolution of the series that still stays true to the core values. We’re adding a more cinematic story experience, but we are staying true to the fundamental aspects that make SOCOM what it is: Teamwork, Authenticity, and Innovation.

Most of you haven’t seen the game since our E3 demo when we showcased the first level of the campaign where the team leader and his squad attempt to escape a South Asian city under attack from the forces of NAGA.

Today we’d like to showcase another single-player mission, where you’re going to see some of the great progress we’ve made since then. It’s a mission called “Onslaught”, which takes place later in the campaign (about half-way through) and there’s a new enemy faction at play here – a shadowy para-military corporation and you’ve just found out that they’ve ambushed allied units in the area. The OPS commander and his team have received a distress signal to come to their aid. This is a fast-paced, more action-oriented mission. A few highlights I want to point out is the high-fidelity, in-engine cinematic. Next is the AI-squad behaviors. All of the enemies work together as a group to utilize suppressive fire, flanking, and sometimes that means you need to retreat.

We give the player new tools to combat this threat. We have new quick contextual team commands, which is as simple as clicking a D-pad button. Because it’s so quick, it’s something you can do in the middle of combat. You may want to move your position or re-adjust your forces as the enemy is using one of these squad-based behaviors.

The last thing you’ll see a lot of is destruction of the environment, specifically with cover. We really wanted to make sure that cover elements are destructible, which really brings the immersion to a new level.

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