So Much Needs to be Dremeled

John-Erik Christensen said…
Because so much needs to be dremeled anymore …

Rod, you know if you had carte blanche on a PC that had to do work and play games really well there would be very little dremel action going into it, if any at all. Aftermarket stuff is quite good.

And, of course, even a 486 looks good under a neon light  

I don’t recall ever buying a premodded anything case wise and I used to burn up about 3 variable speed dremels a year until I bought the new supa-heavy duty rotosaw-type and attached the flexible bit extension to it.  

with most cases, precut/premodded/for-your-convenience stuff gets in my way – it is always in the spot that would have been perfect but for the 80mm mounting cage or the additional 3.5 bay, etc. and I end up cutting that out and welding a blank panel in its place so I can put what I want there. If I could find a case that had the right dimensions and nothing but a few 5.25 bays in the right spot and a good PSU mounting location, the rest being nothing but solid metal panels, I’d buy it as it would let me put everything where I wanted it and I would not have to undo things.
I realize that doesn’t fly with most of the PC buying population and I am not one of the ranting haters of premodded cases as many don’t have the tools needed for mods but there is still a definite line between modding and premodded gear — at least from the old school perspective of case modding. Of course, my perspective is likely a bit different from most as I begin searches for my next waterblock or evaporator by looking at different types of copper blanks and checking to make sure there is enough gas in my torch.