So many crappy games… which to choose…

Another list from our friend Trisha….. Hmmmmm, there were so many sh*tty games, which to choose…

10. EOE Eve of Extinction (PS2)
9. Todd Mcfarlane’s Evil Prophecy (PS2) You can practically smell it from here it was so rotten.
8. Sega Bass Fishing (PC) No fun, can be beaten in under an hour. And with no fishing reel controller, it’s pointless.
7. Simpson’s Hit and Run (PS2) Worst use of license ever!
6. Fear Factor (GBA) This sucked.
5. Zoo Tycoon on the DS, Trisha, stay away from this even if it’s in the .99 cent bin.
4. Unlimited SAGA (PS2) Worst game ever from the folks at Square Enix.
3. Kakuto Chojin (xbox) It’s Craptastic!
2. King Kong (Any system) It’s hurts even more if you got it for the 360, cause you paid that much more.
1. Torrente (PC) Quite possibly the worst game ever conceived and completed. It sucks.

Now this is just a list of games from my own personal collection and trust me, I could have made a list of 50.

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