Slappa PSP Hardbody Complete Case


Everything in One Place

One of the problems with all these technological toys is the fact that they are easily ruined.  Even the cheapest of game consoles, geared towards kids, costs over $120.  Unless you protect your gear immediately, then you will  certainly be repairing or replacing your portable entertainment devices in no time.

The PSP is one of the best handheld gaming experiences, in my opinion, but is not the most durable thing in the world.  It features shiny plastic and an awesome screen, both of which can be easily scratched (not as easily as an iPod, which can become scratched by a summer breeze).

If you’;re serious about protecting your portable gaming investment, then you certainly need a quality case.  There are many to be had, each with their pros and cons, but if you’;re going to spend the money then why not get a good one that can hold everything?

The Slappa PSP Hardbody Complete Case isn’;t just another PSP housing, but a complete system that can protect and organize your PSP, games, video cables, supply, and just about every other PSP accessory you can think of.

Ooooh… shiny!

The PSP HardBody Complete case features the same highly protective Molded Duro-Shock xEVA shell as SLAPPA’s award-winning HardBody CD and DVD line. It offers a storage capacity capable of carrying a gamer’s full PSP collection, yet it is highly portable for travel. The design is rounded out with a rainproof zipper and two rubber molded zipper pullers for an all-inclusive and sleek PSP storage case.

Lots of mini cases that stick to the main case with velcro

Three internal storage compartments offer protection and organization for the PSP and accessories. Compartment #1 includes three scuba-prene cases for PSP, headphones and UMD storage, compartment #2 features six soft UMD pockets and compartment #3 has a cargo net for power cord storage.

  • Molded Duro-Shock xEVA HardBody shell
  • Specially designed compartments for PSP and accessories
  • Headphones, power cord and UMD storage
  • Rainproof zpper with two rubber molded zipper pullers
  • Sleek and highly portable for travel

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