Slack Policies

I’ve been teaching since I was 18, and when I started, my policies were pretty slack. Over the years, I’ve toughened up, but I still feel bad just taking the money. I suppose it isn’t anything other than me just wanting a steady job with claimable income and benefits. I do care about the kids, but I just get walked on. Teaching also goes by really slowly and is exhausting. I’m just done I suppose.

I already have those kind of strict policies in place. Where I’m getting screwed is when the weather (we’ve had floods, power outages, and snow already) forces me to cancel. Should they pay or should I pay? Technically neither of us actually cancelled, so what should happen?

Besides the money issue, I’m really tired of the work. Kids not practicing is the biggest issue to me, and I have no way to motivate them. And should I really give someone 3 strikes before I kick them out? Should I have to waste my time for 1.5 hours before I decide to get rid of them? I dunno, but the whole business is lame.
Lastly, I want claimable income, benefits, and a regular schedule. It might be different if I only had a few students, but right now teaching full time is a pain in the ass.
Oh well, such is the life.
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