Sins of a Solar Empire at PAX 2008


Sun go to your room!

The long awaited expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire is upon us.  SOASE: Entrenchment due to release later this year, and for a lot less than most expansions.  That is because this is one of many “micro expansions” that will be released to supplement the popular strategy game set in space.  And with all the goodies packed into Entrenchment, one can only wait and wonder what the next expansions will bring.

To assist on the defensive front, Stardock has included for each of the three races a defense platform capable of defending and entire planet.  They have been described as extremely powerful and armed to the gills and chock full of new weapons and upgrades.  This brings hope to those who enjoy playing the defensive position, because tactics of other more aggressive players allow them to get past even the most well guarded front line defenses.

On top of that, Entrenchment will also include many turret upgrades that allow for further ranges and more powerful attacks, subspace inhibitors that slow other ships down dramatically, as well as a platform of mine fields.

Stardock announced that they have sold more than half a million copies of Sins of a Solar Empire, with very little marketing at all.  That is distinctly impressive considering the size of the company itself.  The next micro expansion is due out in 2009, and looks to be just as impressive as Entrenchment will be.  So while we relish our new found expansion, we await the next arrival in suspense.

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