SilverStone TJ04 Case Review




SilverStone Technology was founded in the summer of 2003, their current list of product include cases, power supplies, cooling, fans, and some accessories. With hardware getting so expensive these days it’s only fitting to have a professional and flexible case to put it all in. This particular case is the TJ04 model in their Temjin line of cases. This case in your average sized mid-tower that has quite a few non-standard features and design specifications.

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The case comes boxed in a pretty plain brown box and came with some bumps and bruises from shipping. The case within is wrapped in plastic and surrounded by styrofoam to protect it during it’s journey from the factory to you. Also not pictured in this review is a manual for the case and a box of accessories. The accessories include two keys, a bag of hardware, two zip ties, and a motherboard speaker.

The front of the case is protected by a piece of plastic to prevent scratches or damage to it. Once the plastic is removed the black brushed aluminum is exposed and looks very professional. Thankfully the adhesive used to keep the plastic in place did not leave any stickiness on the bezel. The buttons and LED are laid out very nicely and are very aesthetically pleasing while the corners curve to assist in overall appearance.


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The profile picture below of the case shows how nice it looks and precise diamond cut edge that reflected from the flash. The back of the case features an exhaust which can accommodate an 80mm, 92mm, or 120mm fan. The first thing that came to my mind when seeing the possibility of easily adding a 120mm fan was watercooling.

Innovatek, a German watercooling company has actually teamed up with SilverStone and sells the TJ02 and TJ04 with their watercooling kit built in. directly to the right of the exhaust fan you can see the metal from the side panel is bent away from the case. Also on the side panel are two thumbscrews which are easily removed to get into your case without the need for tools.

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At the bottom of the case there is a small door which hides helpful I/O ports. The ports included in the front panel include a single firewire, four USB, audio out, and microphone. These front ports will be very useful saving you the stress of having to crawl behind your case to hook up devices that are not permanent.

The cost of new high end hardware can easily reach into the thousands which can make security an issue for some people who live in say a dorm or community. Because of this SilverStone has implemented a keyed lock on the side panel to deter thieves and hopefully prevent theft. There are two latches on the side panel one with a lock and the other without. If you decide to lock your case be sure to not lose the keys otherwise you will have to do some un-enjoyable modding.

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Unfortunately the case did come with the damage in two locations. It’s hard to say whether it occurred during shipping or sometime during the manufacturing process. I assume that both happened during shipping since there was a considerable amount of damage to the box.

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I really don’t think that SilverStone or any other case manufacturer for that matter would let something like this get out of the factory after passing through quality control. Since this is the first time I have had experience with a SilverStone case I am going to put the blame on shipping rather than the company. However since damage did occur it would be beneficial to see the protection to the case beefed up to decrease the likelihood of this happening.