Silverstone GD01MX Grandia HTPC Case Review



I’ve been on a never-ending quest for the Ultimate Home Theater PC for many years. I seek the One Case to rule them all (as my HTPC server), and in darkness bind them (thru wireless ethernet). I have suffered through horribly-conceived steel boxes and converted behemoth desktop cases, and still haven’t been able to find the one True Case. HTPC cases have increased in popularity, so there are many manufacturers creating the cases, but that means that the percentage of QUALITY cases are going down, because the market is becoming flooded with mediocre cases aimed at the home theater enthusiast.

Silverstone is one of the companies that consistently produces innovative and quality cases for the home theater and PC enthusiast. Their products have evolved with the market, so they now include similar features that an OEM HTPC includes, and make the installation easy.

Silverstone has introduced their new Grandia series HTPC cases, following on the success of their popular Lascala enclosures. The first-born spawn of the Grandia series is the GD01MX, and includes an advanced 52-in-1 card reader, enhanced low-speed fans, an innovative hard drive mounting bay, and a very slick multilanguage LCD display with integrated IR sensor, in addition to the quality construction that makes Silverstone cases so great. The GD01MX also has two 5.25″ drive bays, which is perfect for early adopters of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD (so you can enjoy both formats in one unit).

About Silverstone:
Founded in the summer of 2003, Silverstone Technology is now a proven leader in the field of aluminum enclosure design and manufacturing. Our expertise in creating functional works of art from ordinary electronics and computer components is widely recognized. Numerous designs and ideas for improving computer enclosures were first created by our talented team of engineers, who are regarded by many as leaders in their respective fields. Today, Silverstone Technology continues to garner attention and awards that reflect our original vision of creating the most advanced and beautiful products available on the market.


Material Aluminum front panel, 0.8 mm SECC body
Color Black
Motherboard Standard ATX, Micro ATX
Multimedia Multilanguage capable LCD, Multimedia Software and Remote Control
Model SST-GD01B-MXR (black, multimedia, card reader)
SST-GD01S-MXR (silver, multimedia, card reader)
Drive Bay External 5.25” x 2
3.5” x 1
Internal 3.5” x 6
Cooling System Front 2 x 92mm or 80mm fan slots
Rear 2 x 80mm exhaust fan, 1800rpm, 19dBA
Side 1 x 80mm fan slot
Expansion Slot 7
Front I/O Port USB2.0 x 2
IEEE1394 x 1
audio x 1
MIC x 1
52-in-1 card reader
Power Supply Optional standard PS2 (ATX)
Net Weight 7 kg
Dimension 430 mm (W) x 170mm (H) x 430 mm (D)

Card reader support:

  • Smart Media – SM, SSFDC, SM Ram, XD
  • Compact Flash – CF I, CF II, Hitachi Microdrive, IBM Microdrive, Magicstor, HS-CF, Extreme CF, Extreme III CF, Ultra CF, Ultra II CF, Ultra-X CF
  • Secure Digital – SD, HS SD, Extreme SD, Extreme III SD, Ultra SD, Ultra II SD, Ultra II SD plus, SD Elite Pro, *Mini-SD, *Micro SD, *T Flash, *C-Flash
  • Multimedia – MMCI, MMCII, HS MMC, DV-RS-MMC, *MMC Mobile, *RS MMC, *RS MMC Mobile, *HS RS MMC
  • Memory Stick – MS, MS Magic Gate, MS Pro, MS Pro(MG), Extreme MS Pro, Extreme III MS Pro, HS MS Pro, HS MS MG Pro, MS Select, MS Pro Ultra II, *MS Duo, *MS Duo(MG), *MS Pro Duo, *MS Pro Duo(MG), *HS MS Pro Duo, * HS MS MG Pro Duo, *MS Pro Duo Ultra II, * MS Rom