Shoot ‘Em All for iPhone

appstore-icon-300w announced the release of the most unusual iPhone game – Shoot´em all.

Using the unique iPhone facilities, Squbo developers created the game where you should hit the target flying beyond your iPhone screen. Every skeet shoot lover and even those who have never held the gun would highly tickle at the game. The target flying against the real background, cool animation and sounds will move you to the intricate world of excitement. This game is absolutely fascinating as you should do your best to strike home. It´s not an easy task to hit the target madly flying away from the screen. Will you manage to catch it?

Now you can become a sure shot and even hold a competition anywhere and anytime. There are 10 levels in total; in each the score is calculated. But that´s not all! If you want more, welcome, try to kick the rubber chicken or balloon. There are also 4 additional types of sights and arms on your choice. For those preferring extreme sports, we suggest additional option – choose any photo from your gallery and pepper away at the guy who threw you away or boss who didn´t grant you vocation. Have a good time!

Price and terms of use:
Shoot´em all can be downloaded from the App Store for free. Additional targets, sights and arms cost $0,99, all levels cost $0,99. Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPad2. 3GS and IOS 4.0 are required.

About the company:
Squbo specializes in the development of games and applications for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Products released so far include Animotion, AccessBox, ContentLock, MotorMusic, Shoot´em all