Ship Simulator 2006 Patch

More Upgrades!

Haarlem, The Netherlands, July 3rd 2006. Lighthouse Interactive today announced that in addition to last weeks patch, it has released a further upgrade for the summers hot revolutionary simulator release, Ship Simulator 2006.

Ship Simulator continues to turns heads on the maiden voyage in the market. This latest Ship Simulator patch (version 1.1.1) give players some new feature benefits as well as optimizing the game play and exterminating any bugs.

Changelog version 1.1.1

New Features:

  • Help screens extended – Scene editing screens added to the in-game help
  • Fixed a .dll missing
  • Delete object in the edit scene mode works again
  • Resolved an issue regarding the intro and/or focus on the game
  • – Some typos

For more information about the Ship Simulator 2006 patch 1.1.1 or more information about Ship Simulator 2006, please visit or website at

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