Sharkoon Magnetic Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket Review



We tested this gasket with both traditional and screwless installations.  When using the magnetic mounting method (screwless), the vibration of the fan was virtually eliminated.  Vibration was significantly reduced, although not completely eliminated, when using the traditional (screw) mounting method.  It is possible that the fan’s vibration may move the gasket over time, but we did not notice any movement within our days of testing.

The value of this product greatly depends on its intended use.  If you need an extra fan in a creative place in your home theater PC or server, then it can be a lifesaver.  If you just need a gasket to control vibration, then you may not need the magnets.

The Sharkoon Anti-Vibration Magnetic fan gasket is highly recommended for home theater cases, or those who want an extra bit of polish for their windowed PC rig.  Even if you don’t use the magnetic installation method, the gasket provides excellent vibration reduction and makes your LED fan look that much cooler.

Since this is a German product, it is harder to find in North America.  It has a recommended retail price of 4.99 (80mm) and 5.99 (120mm) Euros, which puts this product at about $7.20 and $8.60 American.

REPORT CARD : Sharkoon Magnetic Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket
category rating comments
Quality 3 It’s silicone rubber.  The magnets are rather strong, and will certainly last a lifetime and can be reused in future installations.
Innovation 5 This is the kind of thing the industry needs, and will certainly be copied by other vendors
Performance 4 Works very well at reducing vibration
Installation 4 You may not get the full benefit from acrylic or aluminum cases
Value 3 Its value greatly depends on your needs.  Hard to find in the US
FINAL VERDICT: 4 out of 5 stars
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