Sharkoon Magnetic Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket Review



At first glance, this product looks like a square black rubber ring, but there are many great features once you take a close look.

The fan gasket is made from black silicone rubber.  There are two sides to this gasket, each with four triangle corners similar to many case fans.  One side has screw holes, which you can use to secure the fan to the case or attach a fan guard.

The other side does not have screw holes, but has strong magnets in each corner, which allows you to stick the fan to any steel case.  There are also two rounded oblong holes on opposite sides of the edge which allow you to snake the fan’s wires.

You don’t have to use this gasket to create a new fan mount.  You can choose to use this product in the fans original placement, but reap the silencing and aesthetic benefits it has to offer.


Installing a fan is rather easy, and much less complicated than traditional fan installation.  To start, thread the fan’s power cable through the side holes, then wrap each of the gasket’s corners over the corresponding fan.  If you have a particularly long fan cable, then you can conceal the extra length inside the fan gasket.

You must pay attention to which way the fan will blow air.  Since only one side of the gasket has magnets, you must insert the fan into the housing with this in mind.  If you want the fan to function as an exhaust, then orient the fan’s center support on the same side as the magnets.  Insert the fan the opposite way if the fan is used to blow air into your computer (intake fan).

Once the fan is inside the rubber housing, all you have to do is stick it onto an existing fan hole.  If you have an aluminum or acrylic case, then you’ll have to use traditional screws to secure the fan… but you’ll have the vibration-cancelling benefits of a rubber gasket.  You can optionally add a finger guard, which usually aren’t magnetic, so you’ll have to attach it with screws.  You could insert the finger guard under the gasket, so the screws are hidden underneath the black rubber.

If you have an LED fan, you may not want to see the light coming out of the sides of the fan.  The black rubber easily conceals the LEDs, giving your fan a much more polished look.  Also, you can conceal part of a really ugly fan, such as the fleshy-cream color of Noctua fan housings.

It must be noted that this product will be most useful in steel cases.  You will have to make compromises if you install this product into an aluminum, acrylic, or even wood case.  While you can still attach the fan with screws, the other side cannot be used for a fan guard (unless you want to use the magnets to attach a custom steel guard).

You have several different installation options when using this gasket, each of which adds a little extra polish to your PC rig.