Sharkoon Magnetic Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket Review


Silence AND easy installation

Every computer needs a good cooling system, and the bare minimum is a good air intake and exhaust system.  Unfortunately, most cases and fans vary on the quality of airflow and the amount of noise they produce.

The design of the case may constrain effective airflow strategies.  For example, some home theater cases use several smaller (and therefore noisier) fans because of the small dimensions of the box.  Other cases intended for overclocking may not have enough airflow, and would benefit from additional fans in strategic places.  Upgrading your system’s cooling beyond the case’s original design may require physical modification, such as drilling holes and cutting the case.

But what if you could add a fan virtually anywhere without reaching for the Dremel? Sharkoon has an innovative product that not allows you to stick a fan anywhere while making your case more silent at the same time.  This product is the Sharkoon Anti-Vibration Magnetic Fan Gasket.


The Anti Vibe Magnetic is a cover made of durable silicone. Thanks to its incorporated magnets it can be attached to any magnetic surface on or inside your PC case.

This makes any tiresome installation obsolete and you can place the fans exactly where they are required – bye, bye screw mounting! Simultaneously the silicone sleeve decouples the fan and thus avoids fan vibration from being transferred to the case.

Magnets inside a PC case?!?!?!?!
Yes, no problem! As the power of these magnetic clamps decreases exponentially with growing distance there is no danger for any component! Anyway the fan sleeves may also be screwed in a more conventional way.

The Anti Vibe Magnetic is available with black color as version for 80 mm and 120 mm fans.

  • Compatible with all 80 x 80 x 25 mm fans (80 mm version)
  • Compatible with all 120 x 120 x 25 mm fans (120 mm version)
  • Easy, screwless installation in PC cases at or on any magnetic surface via the eight integrated magnetic clamps
  • Decoupling and protection for the fan
  • Flexible and sturdy
  • Fast and multi-purpose application