Sega Superstars Tennis Review


Lands just on the line...

Wii players have been crossing their fingers that Sega Superstars Tennis would be the answer to our tennis itch. A fun, interactive, accurate tennis game would be to die for. Does Sega Superstars fill the void? Eh… kinda.

Sega Superstars Tennis is essentially Mario Tennis with Sega characters and more mini games. Unfortunately for me, I hardly know any Sega characters except for Sonic, Tails, and Monkey Ball dude (see I don’t even know his name….Sega loser). It’s not that I’m a Nintendo snob; it’s just that Sega characters aren’t as well known to the average gamer. The fact that this game has “Sega” in the title probably doesn’t bring it any more attention.

I figured the Wii would be the best system to play Sega Superstars Tennis on, only because of the promise it holds in its little white box. So, unfortunately I don’t have experience with Xbox Live on this title, but I’m sure the other versions aren’t that much better… especially DS.