Sega Superstars Tennis Achievements

Achievement                                                                                       Points

Play Ball

Win your first match                                                                           10

Starting Grid

Win with all 8 starting characters.                                                      10

Beat them All

Beat all characters in Singles matches                                                30

Original Teams

Beat all the classic Doubles pairs.                                                       30

Cameo Appearance

Hit a Sega court cameo.                                                                      20

To the Max

Hit 3 Max serves in a row.                                                                  20

Seeing Stars

Enter Superstar mode 10 times in a match.                                        20

Sega Rally

Hit a 40 shot rally.                                                                              20

Top Gun

Hit 100 aces.                                                                                       20

After Burner

Hit a serve over 100mph/ 160kph                                                       20

Out Run

Run a total of 10 kilometers / 6 miles.                                                20

Step into Sega World

Complete your first Challenge (Rank A)                                            10

Classic Complete

Complete all Challenges in one Sega game (Rank A)                        20

Challenges 101

Complete all Challenges in all Sega games (Rank A)             30

To be this good takes AGES

Complete all Challenges in all Sega games (Rank AAA)                   60

Full Roster

Unlock all Secret Characters.                                                              30

Play the Field

Unlock all Secret Courts.                                                                    30

Score Attacker

Unlock all ball games.                                                                         30

Magical Sound Shower

Unlock all Secret Music Tracks.                                                         30

Climb the Ladder

Win the final stage in Tournament mode.                                           20

Secret Stage

Beat the hidden stage in Tournament mode.                                      30

Mouse Mania!

Rescue 500 ChuChus over time                                                          20

Zombie Hunter!

Hit an 8 zombie combo.                                                                      20

Master Tagger!

Clear a Tag without missing a shot.                                                    20

Puyo Puyo!

Clear a 20 Puyo combo.                                                                      20

Super Sonic

Collect 7 Chaos Emeralds in one game.                                             20

Dragon Slayer!

Destroy the Final Squilla in under 20 seconds.                                  20

Pot Black!
Clear 4 Trick Shots in one game.                                                        20


Destroy Kong without being hit.                                                        20

Party Time

Play each type of Ball Game Multiplayer                                           30

Surf the Net

Win a Match on Xbox Live.                                                               10

Top of the Tree

Win a Tournament on Xbox Live.                                                      20

Ball Buddies

Win 5 Xbox Live Doubles matches.                                                   30

Top Ranker

Win 10 Xbox Live Ranked matches.                                                  20

Let’s Get Friendly

Win 10 Xbox Live Player matches.                                                    20

Space Channel 5

Win a match on TV.                                                                            10

Swinging Report Show

Become a TV Superstar                                                                      30