Seattle International Car Show

Okay so I’m sick again today. Ugh… last night at Gamestop completely sucked, I was sick to my stomach for hours… this morning too. I took yesterday and today off of school, which I completely hate because I even took the time to do the homework that was due today, but didn’t get to turn it in.

Suffered my way to the Seattle International Car Show today… went from 12pm-2:30pm. Sat in lots of cool cars, got lots of free stuff. I’m going to take a motorcycle class sometime during the winter so I can finally have my license. I have a permit right now, but it’s about to expire. Too bad I know.
I was surprised today… I sent my teachers emails to let them know I was going to be out again, but I wasn’t skipping…lol. My math teacher replied with (and no I’m not trying to brag) “yes I remember you, you’re the top student in the class”. Shocked the hell out of me… I have never been known for my math skills. EVER. NEVER EVER. Amazing.
Next quarter is going to suck, I have to take Biology and Chemistry, plus another math class. The math that I need is offered only at the same time as the Bio and Chem that I need, so I’m going to have to take it online. Ugh. Has anyone ever taken an online class before? Does it suck? It’s lame because it’s not even an obscure math, it’s a standard prerequisite for almost every program.
I’m going to start volunteering a few hours a week at Planned Parenthood in Federal Way to fulfill my volunteer requirements. I don’t know how I’m going to continue working so much…..I’m going to try to condense my teaching schedule. I know, I’m crazy.
So in this week’s TIME magazine, they reported how many hours it takes people with different professions to earn $1,000. For a custodial worker, it takes 103 hours. For Howard Stern, it takes 24 seconds. If the average radio show is 4 hours for him… and he’s bringing in about $3,000 a minute…. wow… you do the math…. That’s just frickin’ rediculous. What would you do if you made that much money? I would buy collectable cars……
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