Seagate FreeAgent Go 500GB Portable Hard Drive Review


Small, yet somehow large

Everybody needs a lot more digital storage these days, even your grandma.   Most people have tons of music, videos, photos, and documents all in digital format.  An average person’s digital collection of media would easily fill several rooms if they were in a “physical” format.  It’s always handy to have several portable hard drives on you; some people use it for backup, others for transferring files between places, and some use them just because they’ve run out of room elsewhere.  I usually find myself in the last scenario, even though I have multiple terabytes on a home network.

It used to be that small flash drives cost several hundreds of dollars.  Now you can get 500GB or even a TB portable hard drive for less than $100, and they’re now small enough to take along with you in a laptop bag.

One of the better-known hard drive manufacturers is Seagate, who have been making hard drives for over since 1979.  Now Seagate is offering small 2.5″ hard drives in an attractive case called the Seagate FreeAgent Go, and they’re available in capacities of 250GB up to 1TB.

Here’s some of the marketing fluff:

Get a lot without carrying a lot. And look good while you do it.

  • Available in a range of capacities, from 250GB to 1TB
  • The thinnest portable drive available. Even the cables are compact
  • Multiple colors to suit your style and let you tell one FreeAgent Go from the next

Simple backup and sync.

If it’;s not easy, it won’;t happen.


  • Automatic backup for peace of mind
  • Encryption technology keeps your files safe
  • Easy synchronization means you always have the most current version with you
  • Fast data transfer with USB

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