Scythe Kama Bay Cooler Review



It doesn’t matter if your computer is air or water-cooled, is used as a workstation or gaming rig: air circulation is key to keeping your system running. Most people circulate air by using strategically placed fans, while others use water-cooling, heat pipes, and other technology, but one principle remains the same, to move warm air away from system components. Scythe has introduced their Kama bay to provide efficient, yet quiet airflow wherever you may need it. The most common use will be to cool hard drives in your system’s drive bay, which can be more effective than individual drive coolers.

Specifications and features

Model Name Kama Bay 5.25″ System Cooler
Model Number SCKB-1000WH (White)
SCKB-1000BK (Black)
SCKB-1000SL (Silver)
Manufacturer Scythe Co., Ltd.
Compatibility Standard 5.25″ Bay
Combined Dimensions 146 x 127 x 41mm
Weight 345g (Case) + 156g (Fan)
Fan Dimensions 120 x 120 x 25mm
Fan Speed 800rpm
Noise Level 12.8dBA
Air Flow 30.5 CFM

Versatile Mounting Mechanism
To meet the various cooling needs in the market, Kama Bay can be installed in 3 ways. Standard installation (hidden inside the case), Exposed installation (bezel exposed), and using 3×5.25″ bay space for intake system cooler! Ideal for HDD cooling or extra case cooling for your system!

Extra Care with Dust Filter
To prevent the dust to come into your PC case, Kama Bay is equipped with the dust filter. *We advise you to clean the filter once in a while to keep the smooth airflow through the product.

Equipped with Silent Fan
Kama Bay is equipped with a silent fan which rotates at 800rpm/12.8dBA.

Various Colors
To match with your case color, Kama Bay comes in white, silver, or black! Color matching is no problem!