I bought my iPod Touch in March as a PDA. Yes, my launch iPod Video is still alive and kickin’, yet I felt the need to buy something that had wireless and applications so I didn’t kill people when doing dosage calculations.

I’m pissed about your new Nano. Your old Nano is barely a year old! True, the Nano doesn’t even compare with the iTouch, but it’s still totally fucking awesome.

You give it a video camera, an FM radio with Live pause, a pedometer, Genius, and Voice Over so us r-tards don’t have to look down at our iPod anymore while driving to figure out which song we’ve clicked over to.

What’s more is that iTunes makes it easy for me to upload movies to YouTube.

Dammit. I don’t really have use for three iPods. And they come in those cool colors. Screw you Apple for increasing the depreciation of electronics as a whole. It’s like right after we dump three hundred of our hard-earned economically-spanked dollars into a new iPod, you point and laugh at us by immediately introducing an even better iPod with more STUFF. More juicy, awesome, amazing stuff that all of us would like to do but can’t afford to because we just FRICKING BOUGHT ANOTHER iPOD!!!

UGH I a so irritated right now.

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