Wrote that after the happy email sent to me.

I’m stuck in Seattle…literally. I was one of the few thousand people who’s flights out of the city were cancelled Tuesday. Here, let me run down my events for you as to why this sucks donkey cocks.

I was denied time off at my current job (the one that pays money), their excuse was too many employees quitting-which was true. The new management was terrible and tips were down (and I won’t respond to any letters asking what I do). So I gave a notice, 11 days before my last day. They threw a fit, but my family was more important.

My last day was Saturday, and I drove there admist the snow storm because I’m a big fat pussy who doesn’t like to leave work places stranded. My car is still there, it was BURIED in the snow afterwards. I’d like to point out I’m from Boise Idaho, I’m used to this sort of thing. So if I can’t drive my car in this blizzard that has to say somthing. I hitched a ride home with a guy and packed my bags leaving my house Sunday morning at 4:00 AM.

I THEN had to walk about 8 miles east to the hotel where the aiport shuttle was picking me up. Originally, I was told I could make a reservation Saturday before 10:00 PM, well at 8 they were denieing me a reservation, so I screamed and hollared at them for the inconsistency and they turned around and gave me a reservation. Since there were no cabs, I walked with a 30-50 lb suitcase and a 20 lb backpack in the snow to the hotel.

I got to the hotel, drank coffee and talked WOW with the guy at the desk. I was picked up and went to the airport. I couldn’t even fucking see the roads on the interstate.

At the airport I got into line and waited over an hour outside to check my bags, once at the front I was told “Your flight’s been cancelled.”

“Ok, so now what do I do?” I asked.

The bag-guy directed me to  a line that I spent 15 minutes searching for that was, and I am not over exagerating this, over 5 hours long. I got on my cell phone and called my Dad to tell him to find me a plane on another airline. Check trains, check everything. NOTHING.Finally my father said “F*ck it” and booked me on another flight with a different airline for Tuesday. I got out of the line after we were continally told to go home because 5 hours meant shit. I got on another shuttle back to Seattle, which cost me 40 bucks total to and from and hiked home.

I got home and I was already re-booked by Alaska Airlines (gee, thanks for telling me) on a flight that I think got cancelled a few minutes later as well. My last chance of getting out of this mess is Tuesday. If not, I’m stranded, and quitting my job was flat stupid now.

It’s amazing how this city is so paralysed after one fucking snow storm. It’s ridiculous. I think people are saying they haven’t seen this in over half a century. Wow.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.