Scorin Cool Sheeeat…

Anyone else out there an AV junkie?  I love going to stores and finding discontinued stuff for cheap or going to garage sales and picking up crap.  Was at Sears the other day and picked up a Sony 6.1 home theater receiver for $86 bucks.  I could probably put it on eBay and make a killing but I think I’m gonna put a home theater in out master bedroom (my wife loves me).

At my old job, I used to find and put together home theater systems for my co-workers on a budget.  I had a guy that worked for me that wanted some cool stuff, I won him a Harmon Kardoin 7.1 receiver for $300 on eBay, got him a set of Yamaha front speakers for $50 at a garage sale, got a powered subwoofer at Circuit City clearance table for $39, and a set of rear speakers for $59.  Lastly I won another auction for a JBL center channel for $50 and picked up a grab bag of used monster cables at a estate sale for next to nothing. The thing frickin hums… If I had paid full price on everything it would have been like $1500.
Yes I’m a geek.
Anyone else got a cool story?
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