School Bookstore Rant

So I have to rant about my school’s bookstore. I know this isn’t that interesting, but really, it pains me to go there.

First thing, what constitutes a bookstore? I place that sells books, textbooks, and other school-related supplies. The UW bookstore is an excellent example, with separate floors for textbooks and fiction/non-fiction. They also offer UW clothes and school supplies. That’s it.

Highline Bookstore, however, is the biggest quagmire of b.s. and useless stuff I’ve seen in my life. The textbooks for the entire school are shoved onto 3 disorganized and un-navigable aisles. The fiction/non-fiction part of the store is literally one bookshelf big, and the clothes section is disheveled with the look of the 80’s as inspiration. Not to mention they sell things like deodorant, lip stick, knick-knacks, and literally crap in general.

Their employees are about as useful as a curling iron for my limp hair, as they never know when a required textbook will be in stock or how many quantities of Adobe Photoshop (or anything else for that matter) they have. WTF!?!?!

It’s so hard to find good help these days……

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