SAPPHIRE To Support US Gaming group, Loaded

LOADED, LLC – Loaded, North America’s renowned professional gaming organization, is proud to announce that it has partnered up with SAPPHIRE Technology, the leading supplier of computer graphics cards. This partnership will provide Loaded with the latest in gaming hardware from graphic cards like the latest HD 5000 series to their top of the line motherboards. On top of this, SAPPHIRE Technology will be giving fans the chance to win great prizes from Loaded contests throughout the year and will provide fans with the opportunity to take advantage of the promotions from their SAPPHIRE Select Club.

“We are really happy to partner and support Loaded – one of the most successful global gaming groups to emerge from the US,” said Adrian Thompson, SAPPHIRE VP of Marketing. “We are very aware of how the gaming community not only helps to crystallize what features are needed in our technology, but also drives the demand for our products”

“Loaded has spent the past months in search for the right sponsor to fullfill our needs and really show off the value of the Loaded organization,” said Brandon Freytag, Chief Executive Officer of Loaded, LLC. “Bringing Sapphire aboard is a big win for us.  We always look to be #1 and now we have the backing of the #1 ATI provider in the world.  Sapphire has many great products from graphic cards to motherboards and most notably a new Sapphire Select Club.  We are very excited to sport all of the new Sapphire products for all our pro gamers. Stay tuned for many exciting giveaways and contest surrounding the Sapphire brand!”

Loaded, founded less than a year ago and already one of America’s premier up-and-coming professional gaming organizations, will be using SAPPHIRE Technology’s products starting immediately to give our teams just the right edge needed to perform their best.

“I’ve heard great things about SAPPHIRE Technology’s products and I’m happy to be given the opportunity to play with them,” said Loaded Heroes of Newerth star, Jae Hyung “chu” Park. “With the awesome new graphics card, I can finally play HoN with stunning quality while still being able to aim my Chipper missiles!”