Sapphire Pure Platinum A75 Motherboard


With the first Sapphire motherboard we looked at, we found ourselves really impressed with it. The X58 offering we tested performed well and offered great overclocking potential. When we got the P67 offering from them it was a good board as well, but in such a competitive market we found it just didn’t really stand out from the competition. Today, though, we look at their latest offering and it comes in the form of the Sapphire Pure Platinum A75. And as you can tell, it’s of course based on the latest AMD chipset, the A75, which holds the Lynx APU that we’ve quickly grown to love.

So, the question is, can the Pure Platinum A75 stand out a bit more than the P67 board we looked at? The odds look good at the moment with having looked at only a few A75 boards. What worries me the most, though, is that while Sapphire did well with the X58 board we looked at, that was an old chipset. When it came to the newer P67, the performance wasn’t as strong and it’s a concern that after getting comfortable with a chipset they can create a good board, but at the launch of a new one they can’t be as strong.

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