Sam And Max: What’s New Beelzebub? Review


End of Season 2

The Sam and Max saga continues into the fiery pits of Hell.  After dropping through the Bermuda triangle with Bosco’s corpse, Sam and Max find that they must take a train into Hell to retrieve Bosco’s soul.  Using their typical crime-solving tactics, the twosome must find a token to catch the next soul train to the pits of Satan’s Lair.

But getting in much easier than getting back out.  Not only do the crime fighters find it hard to escape the grips of Beelzebub, but they find themselves surrounded by the people who they themselves sent to Hell.  Now Sam and Max are trapped in a world where it’s always Monday and it’s always just before quitting time.  It would almost feel like real life if not for the fact that the guy in charge is Satan himself.  Actually, I guess this is pretty close to real life.

The story line is classic, and follows right in suit with past Sam and Max episodes.  Without a doubt, this is the perfect ending to season 2.  The game is well crafted and contains some of the most hilarious dialog in the entertainment industry, rivaled only by the most offensive characters out there.  And in this day and age that’s saying alot considering some of the foul-mouthed and violent toons roaming the airwaves.  Telltale’s writers are inventive when it comes to wordplay, and seemingly have no end to the smart-ass remarks up their sleeves.  At the same time they don’t lose that “classic” game feel.