Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die! Review


Fourth time's a charm

Sam the dog and Max, a rabbit-like creature, continues their rapid-fire barrage of new episodes. If you’re not familiar with the bizarre “freelance police” duo, check out episode 3: The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball for a more complete back-story. What you need to know is this: Sam & Max are sociopathic but very, very funny. They live in a crazy city occupied by even crazier inhabitants. As freelance police, they get assignments; each of these assignments are standalone episodes released a month or two apart.

The game itself is an old school type of adventure game where you click to move Max around to interact or just comment on the various objects scattered about the handful of rooms available. The interface is simplicity itself and the puzzles are even simpler; you play these games for the laughs, not for the mental challenge. Got it? Ok, let’s move on.

Lincoln Lives?
In this episode, the plot centers on a nefarious plot where evil forces threaten to take over the US presidency. Taking the kind of decisive action you’d expect from Sam & Max, it doesn’t take long before the president is accidentally decapitated. Thus we get an immediate re-election taking place on the white house lawn. You guessed it: the re-animated statue of Lincoln vs. Max the gun-wielding rabbit.

To win an election against the most popular president in history, you have to fight dirty enough to make Karl Rove blush. Fortunately, the regular cast of sidekicks is geared up to help in their own ways. Career-jumping Sybil Pandemik has left the professional court witness path from the last episode and is now heading a matchmaking service. Can that be used against Mr. Family Values, perhaps? Hmm…

Bosco, the burly owner of the local inconvenience store, has assumed a Russian identity. His latest plan to protect his Styrofoam bread and green-tinged coffee from Uncle Sam’s forces is a grandiose missile defense system. How to raise the money? Easy – sell a super-potent truth serum at a bargain price of $100 million per dose.

Whizzer, now governor of West Dakota, makes an appearance, as does a certain underboss from the Toy Mafia in the last episode. Card-cheat Steakcharmer was tied up and gagged in the end of episode 3; he’s still stuffed away in the storage closet at Sam & Max’s office.