Sam & Max 203 : Night of the Raving Dead Review


Resident Comedy!

If someone ever asks you for a game that is a cross between Resident Evil and Ren and Stimpy, this is the game you would show them. The Resident Evil similarities are not only in the brain-eating ravers, but also in how the gameplay is puzzle-based. Long time followers of the series will need no confirmation of what to expect, but new players will find a lot to enjoy in this short romp through a day in the life of dry-humor spewing freelance police.

The story involves exactly what is advertised, raving zombies. As the comedic duo, though you are mainly taking the role of Sam, you will journey through the few locations to uncover the happenings of familiar faces, as well as stopping a zombie invasion. You goal is to stop the emo vampire leader of the undead before he can set his so not cool plan into motion. Only fans of the franchise will understand some of the plot points and get the inside jokes, but that does not take away from the overall humor. If you a t least know who Bela Lugosi is, you’re in the right place.

Unlike many games, where the story and gameplay are not necessarily related, this game requires you to uncover the full story in order to advance. Even the most obscure object in this cooky world needs to be examined. Everything and everyone is crucial to the story, which makes this a prime example of interactive television.

That’s not to imply the game is so easy you just need to show up. The puzzles require you to pay attention and use your creative problem solving skills. Like I said before, everything in this game has a purpose and all of it is used to solve the puzzles. Even though you have a big gun, your most important tool is your willingness to explore. Speaking of the gun, if you think this is like Resident Evil in that you must fight off enemies, you are mistaken. At no point will you ever be threatened with death, well, not in the gaming sense of dying anyway.

The graphics and sound are cartoony and smooth, as you would expect. But the only thing that matters is whether or not this will entertain you for an afternoon. I cannot speak for you, but I smiled at many of the lines and actually laughed out loud at times. If you don’t laugh during the tutorial alone, then this may not be your kind of game. This being my first Sam and Max game, I was impressed enough to want to play the rest of the series.

If you have a free day and want to see if this is your kind of game, you owe it to yourself to try out this episode of Sam & Max.