Saitek Cyborg Force Rumble PC Gamepad Review


We got your rumble

What is this nonsense?  A month ago I published an article about how much I suck at using PC Gamepads, and I end up having to review a gamepad?  I must have angered the gods somehow, because now I have to not only write about my own personal Kryptonite, I also have to touch it.  To inspect it.  To actually use it.  How did I get roped into something like this?  Because I was offered unlimited use of the OCMS company car.  How could I possibly turn down a semi-new Datsun?

Saitek has come out with a gamepad supposedly worthy enough to bring a challenge to my distaste.  It’s called the Cyborg Force Rumble.  It transforms.  It rumbles.  It has one-touch FPS mode ready to rock.  But don’t let my endless rambling give away all the details.  Here is some information straight from the digital horse’s mouth.

For a long time, there has been a discussion amongst gamers about which position is best for the left analogue stick on a gamepad. Some prefer the left stick to be level with the right stick, whereas others prefer it offset to the top left corner of the pad. With the Cyborg Rumble Pad, you now have the choice of either position with the revolutionary Cyborg module (Pat. Pending). At the press of a button, you can remove the Cyborg module from the pad and turn it through 180º, instantly changing the configuration of the left stick and d-pad.

The features don’t stop there though; you can also program any button on the pad to become a Precision button. Once programmed, pressing this button can affect the sensitivity of either of the analogue sticks. Having trouble hitting targets through your sniper rifle when using the analogue stick to aim? Hold the Precision button down and the response speed of the stick is reduced, making it much easier to draw a bead on your target.

The Cyborg Rumble Pad also features Saitek’s unique FPS button. We realize that many gamers (especially those used to playing on consoles) like to use their gamepads to control first person shooter games, but the majority of these games on PC do not support gamepads. To make the gamepad work in the game you need to program it using the supplied programming software. Whilst this option is still available to you, you can take all the effort out of this by pressing the FPS button on the pad. This instantly programs the pad with the keyboard and mouse commands typically used in these games, meaning you can start playing your games even quicker.

This isn’t limited just to FPS games. Instead of being forced to use your keyboard and mouse for certain games, you can use the Saitek Smart Technology software to program any part of the pad with any keyboard or mouse command. This allows you to use the pad in any game, even those that don’t support game controllers!

Finally, the Cyborg Rumble Pad also features a driver option called X-Mode. Increasingly, PC games are shipping with support for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gamepad and switching the Cyborg Rumble Pad into X-Mode configures it to work in the same way, meaning that you should have no problems.

  • Reversible d-pad and left analogue stick
  • FPS button
  • Precision mode function
  • 2 quick-fire shoulder buttons
  • 2 analogue triggers
  • 8-way d-pad
  • 6 responsive buttons
  • 2 analog joysticks
  • Fully programmable
  • High quality, varied rumble forces so the gamer feels closer to the action – Using Immersion© patented rumble technology for maximum compatibility with supported games.