Saitek AV8R Flight Stick Review


Get your flight on

Most PC gamers play with a keyboard and mouse, frankly because most PC gamers are either casual gamers or are playing First-Person-Shooters at their local LAN party.  But there are times when you need a custom controller for a particular type of game.  For PC gamers, an Xbox 360 controller works just great (read our review here) when a keyboard just won’t do.

One prime example where a real flight stick comes in handy is in Battlefield 2, UT3, or Quake Wars.  When in walking mode nothing can really beat the tried-and-true keyboard+mouse, but when you enter a vehicle things can change quickly.  Helicopters (or futuristic vehicles that work like them) are particularly difficult to control unless you have a gamepad or flight stick.

The Saitek Aviator Flight Stick is geared towards the flight and combat simulator enthusiast, although it works quite well in the abovementioned games.

Saitek launches the Aviator – the first dual throttle joystick for modern flight simulation games. The Aviator is designed with everything you’d expect from a high performancejoystick, including a rugged, military-style design, rapid response trigger, 8-way hat switch, plus illuminated rocket or missile fire button with safety cover.

And a first in joystick design, the Saitek Aviator features dual throttle levers. These enable independent control of multiple engines when flying a large bomber or modern passenger jet, or an engine/flaps combination for better control during take-off and landing. The dual throttles can also be locked together for simplicity when flying single-engined aircraft.

Additional controls include 3D twist for precise rudder control whether taxiing or in the air,front-mounted instrument panel which includes base-mounted toggle buttons with up and down switching functions, and mode selector to instantly change the Aviator’s controlsto suit flying scenario. Saitek’s programming software means the Aviator offers up to 8 separate commands which can each be programmed separately.

The Saitek Aviator represents a new direction in joystick design. The groundbreaking dual throttles and a wealth of programmable switches and controls make the Aviator the perfect joystick for the latest flight games, designed to offer gamers both the maximum flight sim authenticity and control. No other stick is as well suited to the planes being flown on today’s PC Flight sims.

  • Rapid fire trigger
  • 4 buttons
  • 8-way ‘point of view’ hat switch
  • 3D Twist Rudder control
  • Dual throttles
  • Single spring gimbal mechanism

System Requirement:

Connectivity: USB 2.0
Windows XP, XP64 and Windows Vista (all versions)

This product is fully compatible with Windows Vista. However, the SST software and drivers on the accompanying disc will only work on XP. If you are using Vista the latest drivers and SST software can be downloaded from our Drivers and Software section.