Sad Panda

I’m kinda sad today because of the kids that I have to leave. Next quarter is really going to suck, as I have noticed that there are hardly any classes I need not in the afternoon. Even if I were to continue teaching, I would have to move about 5 students around to make the classes anyway. Sad.

I have an a**hole livejournal stalker who insists on telling me what a bad person I am every time I post. Nice eh? nono
Kinda tired lately. Working a lot at Gamestop next week and taking a motorcycle class so I can get my sweet license. Oh yah……drool
Anyone a Family Guy fan? Lately Steven has been waking me up for school by saying “Pope, it’s time to get up and address the people”. Then I punch him in the face and he says, “Pope, the floor is not a hamper and it’s time to put on your hat….” Gah.
Valentine’s yesterday was uneventful. He’s paying for my class, I’m paying to have his bike fixed. Romantic……
I’m going to try to apply for an academic achievement scholarship to waive my spring quarter tuition… that would be sooooo awesome if I could get it. We’ll see! Wish me luck.
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