Run Hidden Power Efficiency Report in Windows 7


Computer laptops are just about everywhere, and as such today’s modern operating systems have a lot of power-saving options… some of which are hidden or are not used, like your hard drive never sleeping (we show you how to fix it here).

But I digress.  My point is that there are several tools available in Windows 7 that let you conserve even more battery life from your laptop or netbook, and the one we’re talking about spits out a report on every little thing!

1. To run this tool, you first have to run a command prompt as an administrator.  To do this, you have to right-click the Command Prompt icon and select “Run as Administrator”  The quickest way to find the Command Prompt icon is to type “cmd” in the Windows Search box.

2. Now that you have an admin-capable command prompt, you can run the following command:

powercfg -energy -output c:\ocmodshop-energy-report.htm

Windows will observe your PC’s behavior for about 60 seconds and then generate an HTML report in the location you specified.

Running powercfg Report from Elevated Command Prompt

3. Open up the file in a web browser.  Depending on your system behavior there may be several errors, warnings, and recommendations.

Sample Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

Sample Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

This report may be helpful in diagnosing several problems you may be having, such as if your computer will never enter Sleep Mode, or if a USB device never suspends, and even if devices are constantly polling the CPU.  The detailed report tells you which devices are doing what, but is probably way more information the average user needs.  Those who want to tweak every little aspect of their computer will find this report invaluable.

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