Rosewill RX358 USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure



Judging the value of this type of device is a little tricky at the time of this writing.  If your purpose is the most performance for the buck, then you can buy an enclosure with eSATA support for around $20, but you don’t get the conveniences of USB 3.0.  If we are strickly comparing apples to apples, then we must only compare this product only with other USB 3.0 enclosures.  Going by that rule, the Rosewill RX358 is on the low end of other SuperSpeed HD cases (which retail between $50 and $90) at a retail price of $60.  You may be used to seeing hard drive cases hovering between $30 and $40, but if you absolutely have to have one with USB 3.0, then the Rosewill RX358 is one to consider.

REPORT CARD : Rosewill RX358 USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure
category rating comments
Quality 4 Standard steel construction, but the aluminum is purely decorative.
Innovation 3 Apart from USB 3.0 the design is pretty standard
Performance 5 Absolutely kicks the crap out of USB 2.0 and keeps up with eSATA.  Fan does a great job while being quiet
Installation 4 Installation is simple, but we’ve seen simpler installation methods.
Value 4 As we mentioned before, the value depends on if you absolutely have to have USB 3.0.  It is cheaper than other USB 3.0 enclosures, but costs $60.
FINAL VERDICT: 4 out of 5 stars
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