Rosewill RCX-Z4 CPU Heatsink Review



I found Rosewill’s Z4 heatsink to be bulky, heavy, and in the way. I couldn’t reach my RAM, The way it is designed with the heatpipes acting like a “stem” with the huge radiator and fan on top gives me worry that this could possibly stress the motherboard it sits on.

Motherboards are very strong, but everything has its breaking point, and the Z4 is freaking huge. I didn’t find a huge improvement in cooling compared to stock either. Same for the noise level. I personally would opt for a more “low profile” heatsink. This one just doesn’t do the job for me.

REPORT CARD : Rosewill RCX-Z4 CPU Heatsink
category rating comments
Quality 4 Well built and looks nice
Innovation 3 Heat pipes and fins are the norm these days
Performance 3 Barely better than stock coolers
Installation 3 Can be installed without removing motherboard; tends to block components
Value 2 For the same price you can get a heatsink that performs better
FINAL VERDICT: 3 out of 5 stars
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