Rosewill RCX-Z4 CPU Heatsink Review



The Rosewill Z4 Heatsink was tested using a Sempron 2800+ processor @ 1.6Ghz, 2GB of DDR RAM, a 320 Seagate Barracude Hard Drive.  The test case has adequate cooling with 120mm fans at the front intake and rear outflow. Oh, and the system was tested with 3D glasses, too!

I proceeded to boot my PC up and let it warm up to idle temperature for about 20 minutes. Since most people have real world stuff to do with their computers, I like to test hardware like the Z4 while I’m working on other things. For the medium load test, I decided to edit some video for about an hour using Sony Vegas 8. At one point video editing was a massive load on any CPU, but with advancements in software and hardware, this is really not much of a challenge for even a weaker processor such as this. The reason I chose to use the Sempron is because it takes less work to heat it up. Obviously.

idle load
idle load

So after an hour of editing video I proceeded to the maximum load test. This is usually my favorite because it gives me an excuse to play games for a couple of hours. My flavor of choice today is called Obscure 2 (read our review here). If you have not played it yet I highly recommend it.

Find some hot gamer chick to 2P with you and enjoy an extra thrill. Was that a little sexist? I guess it depends on what kind of woman is reading this. Okay, game over. Three hours of playing the game and getting just shy of nowhere, I shut the game off and tested the temperature again. Here are the Z4’s results and how they compare to the stock crap that comes with processors.