Rocketfish Dual-Sided Aluminum Mouse Surface


A premium mousing surface

Those of us who are serious about our mice have their preferred mousing surface. Even though the optical and laser mice today technical don’t require a mouse pad, a good mousing surface can transform your input experience. Today’s high-performance mousepads (now called mousing surfaces) have evolved from a simple rubber mat to metal and textured polycarbonite to customize the amount of friction the mouse encounters.

Rocketfish has engineered a high-performance mouse pad with both the gamer and design professional in mind (and why not throw in the casual office user, too?). This pad features two textured sides, providing an ultra-smooth surface for PC gamers, and a more textured side to provide more precise control.

The pad consists of a very thin and rigid sheet of anodized brushed aluminum (in this case, bright red). The pad measures 10 inches by 13 inches, so it’s large enough to accomodate your freakishly-large hands, but not so big that you have to clear all the Pepsi cans off your desk. I like to use part of the pad as a wrist-rest, as well, so not all of the mousing surface is occupied by the plastic rodent. Affixed to the aluminum are two polycarbonite layers, which provide the actual traction. On top of this are eight curved rubber feet (four on each side) which keep the pad in place.


  • Anodized aluminum with dual sided polycarbonate mousing surfaces for maximum performance
  • Smooth side for speed
  • Control side for low-sensitivity and professional design users
  • Non-slip feet
  • Over-sized and uniquely shaped
  • 10.4″ x 13″ x 0.1″

Since this mouse is designed for optical and laser mice, there is no need for the kind of surface texture once necessary to “grab the mouse by the ball” if you pardon my French. All optical and laser mice are able to “read” the pattern of the all-black polycarbonite sheet rather well. The little texture the pad does provide alters how the mouse feels: from an ultra-slick glide to a rougher slowdown.