Rock Band Unplugged: Legendary Status

I have been playing Rock Band Unplugged, which is a version of Rock Band for the Sony PSP.  You can read more about it in our review.

Unplugged doesn’t have the same satisfying feel as the other Rock Band games, as you don’t get to hold a guitar controller or realistically bang on the drums.  Instead, this rhythm game is played by pressing four main buttons: D-pad left, D-pad up, tiangle and circle.  You switch between tracks using the left and right shoulder buttons and go into Overdrive by pressing X.

The fun of Unplugged is introduced by managing all four tracks at once (Bass, Drums, Vocals, and Guitar).  If you play a phrase correctly then that instrument will continue to automatically for a short amount of time while you focus your efforts on other tracks.  Keep “all all of your plates spinning” and the song plays with all of its parts.

I’ve rambled on long enough about the gameplay aspects.

Just like in the other flavors of Rock Band, you eventually reach a point where you “beat” the game and unlock the “Legendary setlist”.  This setlet includes all of the songs in the game, and in the case of Unplugged consists of 41 songs.

I really couldn’t play all of these continuously in a row, because my hand tends to cramp up holding the PSP after about 5 songs.  Thanks to the PSP’s ability to “suspend”, I could pick up from where I left off.  It took a few days (as I casually play at night in bed), but I finally achieved Legendary Status in Hard mode on the PSP!  Yay!

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