Rock Band Review


Guitar Hero's Rival

Guitar Hero and Singstar now have some mighty competition. Rock Band combines both of these worlds, adds drums, offers a buttload of downloads and customization, and brings friends, family, and band wannabe’s together for one sweet experience. Doesn’t sound like fun to you? Get back in your cave then.

If you’re familiar with Guitar Hero or Singstar, the goals of Rock Band will seem striking similar. You, by yourself or with other players, must gain points by playing songs, and the more songs that you beat, the more songs become unlocked. Also, the higher your point ratings are, the more customizable “stuff” (guitars, clothes, characters, etc.) and songs become available. Then there are the levels of difficulty; easy, medium, hard, and expert. Obviously, the harder levels allow more points as the difficulty is increased, and often achievements at those upper levels have greater benefits and rewards.

So what makes Rock Band the same as those other games, and what distinguishes it? Same old stuff includes unlockable and purchasable content, different playable venues, leader boards, new instruments, and the power-up and point system. New fun stuff includes more character customization, leader boards including your entire band, no boss battles (only new to Guitar Hero III…sorry), and more emphasis on the band acting as a team rather than successes as an individual.