River King – Mystic Valley Review


Same ol situation

Title River King: Mystic Valley
Publisher Marvelous Interactive
Developer Natsume
Release Date April 22nd, 2008
Genre RPG
Platform Nintendo DS
Rating Everyone

River King – Mystic Valley is the next installment in the beloved River King series. Unfortunately for fans of the game who own a DS, River King -Mystic Valley is a disappointment. Take one mini game and turn it into an entire game, and that is what River King for the DS has become.

Basic RPG mechanics (battles, leveling up) have disappeared, leaving this edition barely recognizable. For those that enjoy fishing, River King will be a small diversion from the drag of daily life. For gamers looking for a game resembling the traditional River King, you will not find it here.

You are a young boy out fishing, when one of your friends meets you and agrees to meet you and your little sister at your house. Upon arriving, your little sister is still asleep, and you are unable to rouse her. Further investigation reveals that your sister has fallen into a deep sleep and will only wake up if given a potion made from the scale of a legendary fish – the River King.

Now, you must become the best fisherman possible in order to catch the River King. It will take all of the skill you’ve got. Do you have the patience and drive to do it? River King offers eight different playing areas in the forests of Mystic Valley. Between them, there are over one hundred different types of fish to catch. Your quest is to start catching the small stuff, trade those little lame fishes in for fish cards or better items, and then… you guessed it… keep fishing!