Rise of the Argonauts: Hands on


Codemaster's Greek Mythology game

We were able to take a test build of “Rise of the Argonauts” by Codemasters for a quick run at PAX and walked away mildly amused.

The game loosely follows the story of the Argonauts in Greek Mythology. Codemasters was quick to point out this wasn’t anything like God of War as it had a lot more narrative to go along with it’s hack and slash gameplay-too bad the narrative put us to sleep.

You are Jason, and after watching your girlfriend get killed by some bondage dude, you run around the castle killing his lackeys and following him with Hercules behind you.

Ok, the story really didn’t flesh itself out for us, but we can let that one slide. Jason can carry three different weapons at a time, and even switch between them mid-combat, but we never could get the damn thing to work, so that will probably get fixed later. The game emphasizes combat, so far as going to put up invisible walls to keep you and your enemies close at bay, and our enemies seemed to find those walls as nice little places to hide that we couldn’t get to. When the demo was done, we learned how to level our character up by offering deeds to gods (if you want to excel in the spear, go to Zeus). Overall, the game has a long way to go before release later this month.

While the idea works, and it is mildly amusing, the control and interface problems seem concrete, and defiantly will be difficult to deal with in the final game. Rise of the Argonauts comes to retailers September 30th.

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