Riddick in the Hizzouze

So, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena came in today.

The PR firm sent it out as soon as the game was released, which I surely appreciate.  Whenever this happens I pretty much have to put everything else aside to work on the game review.

Game reviews are only relevant for a very short while, so they must be published within a week of the game’s release (preferrably the day OF release).  Since it can take a long time to completely review a game, we are at a disadvantage when we get the game port-mortem.

It’s not like EA has a rule against sending out “gold” releases… websites have already published reviews on the game before it was released.   I guess it’s just that we’re not cool enough for them.

Regardless, the review of the new Riddick game will be up within the next day or so.

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