Reviewers at Fry's

I met Mike (game reviewer Mike) at Fry’s electronics today to deliver some review swag. I had never been to Fry’s before and everyone was telling me they had some awesome deals.

I knew that the new 750GB drives have started to push down prices, but I didn’t know if I would find any real deals in a retail store. I did fine a Seagate (my preferred brand) 300GB HDD for $80! I could probably find the same deal on NewEgg, and avoid paying taxes…. I HATE mail-in rebates more than I hate retail… cuz the price they advertise is not the price you end up paying! After tax everything came to $100, which is still a good price…

So now that I have the 300GB drive I’m replacing my 2x 120GB RAID (JBOD) array. All my MP3s are going to be moved to one of my Media Center PCs! I’m not too crazy about having 3 hard drives in an appliance that’s supposed to be quiet as a mouse, but it IS a Seagate, and Seagates are the quietest drives out there.

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