Response to Uwe Boll Bashers

I never said I like Uwe Bolls or his movies.  I reported the answers he gave to the audience without any bias.  I drew my conclusion that people were unfairly ribbing him because many of the comments were basically “you suck, I hate you, and want you to die” without any explanation of why.
For example, I can’t stand George Bush, and can’t wait for 01-20-09, but I would never go up to him and tell him I wish him dead (for one, that would get me thrown in pound-me-in-the-ass prison).  Regardless of what you think of him, he has done profound things.  Terrible, but profound.  Any president gets some level of my respect simply because they are the president.
Regardless of the issues of where Uwe Bolls gets his money, his morality, or personal habits, I didn’t feel that Mr. Bolls deserved the treatment he received.  Should he received a ribbing?  Certainly. Should he be told fictional depictions of his own death at the hands of the crowd?  Certainly not.
Comments like the previous post are what should have been stated at the Q&A… a constructive reason why what he’s doing is hurting the gaming community and its perception.  There were some comments like that, but very few.  Many of the comments just seemed like an opportunity to voice the demon-monkeys in people’s heads.
I would probably not accept a dinner invitation by Mr. Bolls, and I most certainly would not suck his c*ck as some readers have suggested. This was an opportunity to learn “why” Mr. Bolls does what he does, to  get answers to why he is allowed to continue making movies, and the audience simply wasted it on “you suck” comments. 
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