Resident Evil 5 for PC Preview


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There were several vendors at PAX 09 that were showing off Resident Evil 5 for the PC.  Of course, the Capcom booth was featuring the latest zombie shooter, and nVidia was showing how it worked with their exclusive 3d technology.  I spoke with the Microsoft rep at the Games for Windows section about how the zombie shooter differs from the console version.

Blood?!? I hope it’s not Chris’ blood!

Microsoft claims that the framerate is much smoother than the Xbox 360 on adequate hardware… but requires hardware that costs much more than an Xbox 360.  Although the minimum system requirements is modest (Windows XP with 1GB of RAM and GeForce 6800), it will run much better using the recommended requirements, which consists of:

  • DirectX10 (Windows Vista)
  • Dual core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 512MB Radeon HD 4800 or Geforce 9800
  • DirectX Compatible sound card
  • DVD Drive

It’s good to see the video requirements use cards that are at least a year old, so they should work on just about any gaming PC from the past few years.

Major differences

The major difference between the console version and the PC version is the integration with Xbox Live.  Many “Games for Windows” games have embraced the Xbox Live gaming point system, so you can earn achievements and boost your online gamer score just like you can from any Xbox 360 game.  You also have the same friends list, and ability to play co-op and multiplayer online.

The Games for Windows bar from inside RE5.  Integrates with your Xbox Live account.

We forgot to ask Capcom if you’ll have to pay extra to play Versus mode online… and we can’t find the information online, either.  Bad Journalist… no biscuit!

It is unclear if you will get double points if you play through the PC and Xbox 360 version on the same account, however.

The Microsoft rep also mentioned that there are a few extra “goodies” on the PC version, such as extra costumes and unlockables, but this probably isn’t enough of a reason to purchase a copy if you already have the console version.

Oh, and as we mentioned.. the game will be playable in nVidia’s 3d vision.

PC games usually have a lot of extra copy protection that goes along with it.  Some games, such as Riddick and Bioshock have so much DRM that it’s almost not worth it.  Many vendors are offering their wares (not warez mind you) using electronic distribution methods such as Steam.  When you use Steam then your purchase is tied to your account forever, so there are no DRM issues to deal with or physical discs to lose.

A glimpse inside the RE5PC area of Capcom’s PAX09 Booth.

Resident Evil 5 for PC releases on September 14th in the US and September 18th across European territories.

So, to recap, the major differences are:

  • Extra costumes and goodies
  • Xbox Live integration
  • Free to play online?
  • 3d glasses and monitor support
  • Downloadable online
  • Steeper hardware footprint than console, but potentially smoother
  • Probably strict copy protection
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