Red Dead Redemption First Look


Shoot 'em up: Bang Bang

OCmodshop was first in line to get a glimpse of Red Dead Redemption; the sequel to 2005’s critically mixed Red Dead Revolver. Keep in mind, Rockstar was very tight about security breaches. No pictures could be taken, videos recorded etc. So we have only what we saw.

The game takes place around 1910 in the Wild West. You are thrust into the shoes of John Marston. Marston is a former outlaw who grew out of the lifestyle and started a family. When the F.B.I. forms however (from the Bureau from what it originally was called), they blackmail Marston into bringing in his former outlaw comrades.

The glimpse we saw was of the bullet time like gameplay element called dead eye (a feature from the first game). Marston ran around in third person shooting up bad-guys. Taking cover, and doing everything the Wild West offered.

The gun fights we watched also had him saving civilians and eventually turning against the local authorities and shooting the town up. The game has a notoriety system akin to other games such as Fable and Oblivion. If you do good things like help out stranded women, or stop a bank robbery, people will praise you and say hello as you pass them by.

Feeling a killer instinct will make everyone run at the sight of you and the local sheriff coming in to put an end to your shin-dig. We experienced both. Martson shot the rope of a newly hung woman to save her life, then later walked into the sheriff’s office and shot him in the head.

So far Rockstar is promising an open world. “Bigger than anything we’ve ever done,” said Steve Hahnel, Rockstar’s PR manager. So far, it shows. It’s a lengthy trek across states like Colorado and Nevada on your trusty steed, or you can just hop on a train. Either way, you can see the entire world from the view of mountain tops which we were told is all open world and open to explore. While you can proceed in your missions to figure the story out, the game has several diversions like treasure hunting, skinning, and little rescue missions to stop you on your way to your next destination. As for the world between destinations, think Assassin’s Creed, but with a lot more going on.

The game also promises full weather with a 24 hour day/night cycle.

With all this world praise one has to wonder how the game plays. So far, the A.I. seems pretty smart. The goons Marston’s going after continually switch positions darting, diving and running across the battlefield to keep things fresh. As for how the game controls? It looks pretty easy, but since we weren’t able to get our hands on a controller we can’t comment just on how the A.I. works in relationship to the game’s controls.

The original Red Dead Revolver met with harsh criticism for being the same thing over and over again and really offering nothing new to the genre besides its wild west theme. From the looks of things, it seems like Rockstar has addressed these issues with the sequel. Only time will tell if this will feel the fate of Grand Theft Auto or State of Emergency.

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.