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With iClone, the learning curve is fairly gentle on even the most novice animators.  It takes some time to get used to the interface and how things work, but once you have a small handle on it the rest is basically learning as you go.  There are lots of ways to tweak and tune the models and have fun creating your own “digital me”.  Here are some note-worth points I should point out on the use of iClone and it’s interface.

Pros Cons
  • Easy for novices with little to no animation experience
  • Simple-to-modify preset models
  • Categories of ready made animations
  • Intuitive editing and importing
  • Great options for advanced animators
  • Preset walk cycles are a tad unnatural/stiff.
  • A little harsh on resources on mid-to-low-end PCs.
  • Facial profiles can be hard to tweak.
  • Moving beyond presets can be hard for novices.
  • A consumer quality 3D motion picture software for the consumer for under $200.  If you are interested in creating the next Beowulf, with a much smaller budget of course, then this is the way to go.  Creating your avatar is a step by step process.  After you have molded your face to create a head model, you can add a body and adjust size from any basic angle.  While this doesn’t give you absolute control over your character, it gives you plenty of leg room if you are looking to cut your teeth in 3D animation and experiment in animated motion picture.

    The iClone software comes with a few 3D and 2D environments to place your model in, and a nice selection of dynamic lighting effects and particle effects.  So you can place your model near a street light during a downpour and have the realistic yellow glow while the raindrops fall around him.  And if you purchase the expansion packs, your imagination really is the limit.  Now, my verdict is this.  For the price and functionality of this product, the quality is outstanding.  This really is the best of the best when it comes to consumer-driven animation software.  But if you are looking to go big, and you are dead set on taking your movie to Hollywood, this software probably isn’t right for you.  But if you are just looking to crawl before you walk, I would definitely recommend iClone.  Now, go play.  I’ll see you at your premier.

    REPORT CARD : iClone Digital Animation Suite
    category rating comments
    Quality 4 Quality is outstanding for the price
    Innovation 3 Easy interface brings machinima to the average person
    Performance 3 Quality of finished videos is fine for the average Joe, but nothing that should debut in Hollywood
    Usability 3 Interface is simple.
    Value 4 Not nearly as expensive as pro software, but you get what you pay for.
    FINAL VERDICT: 3 out of 5 stars
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