Reallusion iClone Review


Digital actors do my bidding

I have three jobs.  One of them is writing reviews for the OCModshop.  Another is independent filmmaker.  I have another job, but I can’t tell you about that one.  It’s real hush hush.  Let’s just say that the first two are jobs I really enjoy.  So when I get a package from one that involves the other, I get kind of excited.  My latest review is for a 3D Filmmaking software called iClone2 Studio by the good people from REALLUSION.  I had heard of this software before, but never had the chance to check it out.  My work rarely lets me delve into the art of 3D animation, so really I had no use for it.  Until now.
So let’s begin…

Rarely is 3D animation viewed as something that is easy to use.  Many of the programs out there that claim to be “user-friendly” and “easy to use” are hardly that.  Not so with iClone2.  Just load a photo, follow the steps to lining up your facial features with the program’s key points, and you’re set.  You now have an authentic 3D interpretation of your head.  Now all you have to do is load or create an avatar, put your head on it, and you have quite possibly created the ugliest 3D character ever created.  It takes a while to adjust to iClone’s menus, but after reading the Instruction Book included with the software and a little practice, you will be making Real-Time 3D films in not time at all.

You can even add your own voice and using the compatible software, CrazyTalk, you can modify facial movement and expression to go along with prerecorded audio tracks.  And this is all a consumer oriented process, rather than commercial.  Meaning it was meant for you, but good enough for them.  And the system requirements are right up most any consumer’s alley as well:

  • Pentium III 600 Mhz (Pentium IV 1Ghz or higher recommended)
  • 256 MB Ram ( 512 or higher recommended)
  • 1 GB hard drive space (or higher, obviously)
  • Display Resolution : High Color 24-bit or True Color 32-bit
  • DirectX 8.1 capability (DX9 recommended)
  • 32 MB video memory
  • Windows XP/2000
  • Internet for serial activation
  • Any newer model video card for 3D imaging and Pixel Shading