Realistic Online Warfare Spreads Worldwide With Premium Free-to-Play Shooting Game War Inc. Battlezone

War Inc. Battlezone

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – June 30, 2011

Independent game developer Online Warmongers LLC today announced that it has secured marketing and distribution across major global territories for its free-to-play online shooting game, War Inc. Battlezone. The company has partnered with US-based [a]list games to launch a major campaign for the game in North America, Europe and Australia. Through a partnership with Syncopate, a Moscow-based online game publisher, the game is also now available in Russia and other Russian-speaking territories, where it is already gaining notoriety among competitive game players as an official tournament title for World Cyber Games (WCG) Russia.

An ultra-realistic, visually stunning mercenary combat game, War Inc. Battlezone delivers a premium online shooting experience in a free-to-play package. The game is an addictive, clan-based 3rd-person shooter punctuated by high production value, gameplay depth and a rich, frequently updated feature set. In the game, players join the ranks of Paramilitary Commando Units, battle-hardened mercenaries that stand as the last line of defense in a world descending into anarchy. Gameplay is tactical shooting, centered on relentless action and intense competition, with diverse maps and multiplayer game modes for up to 64 players. The game also features one of the deepest customization systems ever designed for an online shooter, giving players free and immediate access to create persistent characters using custom physical traits, gear, armor, military dress and a wide range of modern warfare weaponry.

“We’re thrilled to secure partners who understand the online game market and match our vision,” said Sergey Titov, CEO of Online Warmongers. “Once people play our game, their expectations for what free-to-play games can offer will change forever. With [a]list games’ unique capabilities in building demand for digital games and Syncopate’s expertise with Russian-speaking gamers, War Inc. Battlezone is ready to become a standout title in the world’s biggest shooting game markets.”

Online Warmongers developed the game using the Eclipse Game Engine, a proprietary engine created by its affiliate Arktos Entertainment Group. It’s the same technology behind other currently popular online games, including Riot Games’ award-winning League of Legends. With War Inc. Battlezone, the powerhouse engine delivers an experience that rivals HD console games, while the competition and community aspects of online gaming as well as the ability for developers to iterate on player input help set the title apart from traditional multiplayer shooters. Online Warmongers is actively engaging players in driving future feature and content updates and encouraging its community to vigilantly police for fair play and help keep the game balanced.

With the new partnerships in place, the aim now is to establish War Inc. Battlezone as the standard in free-to-play shooter quality and gameplay depth. A campaign to introduce Western players to the game is being launched by [a]list games, while those in Russia and Russian-speaking countries can get it through Syncopate’s popular social network and distribution platform for gamers, GameNet.

California-based [a]list games is a video game market maker founded by The Ayzenberg Group, an innovator in game marketing for 17 years, and headed by game industry veterans from Microsoft, Disney, Activision and Take-Two. The company partners with innovative developers looking to build an audience for their games, helping their products rise above the clutter in the burgeoning online, mobile and digital game categories by applying marketing strategies normally reserved for video games released at retail.

“We want to expose new and existing online gamers to what a premium free game can offer,” said Steve Fowler, GM of [a]list games. “Players experience a graphically stunning, deep, tactical, feature-rich and relentlessly competitive shooter in War Inc. Battlezone, and they don’t pay a red penny to start playing.”

With its deep knowledge of the Russian game market and executive leadership with backgrounds at top companies in Russian gaming and online industries, Syncopate seeks to aggressively identify high-quality games to bring to the expanding Russian-speaking market. Syncopate is distributing War Inc. Battlezone through GameNet, its social play platform, giving gamers an easy and convenient way to download, discuss and discover games. Syncopate is also a technology partner for the official World Cyber Games (WCG) Russia competition, for which War Inc. Battlezone has been approved as a tournament title.

“With War Inc. Battlezone, Syncopate is blasting into the emerging online shooter market,” said William Verigin, CEO of Syncopate. “We are fascinated with Online Warmongers’ passion, their meticulous attention to detail and the game’s rich cyber-sports capabilities. It’s truly exciting to introduce this outstanding title to the Russian gaming community.”

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Online Warmongers Group Inc. is an independent Los Angeles-based video game development company, funded through Arktos Entertainment Group. The studio was established in 2009 to develop innovative online next-generation titles for consoles and the PC. Online Warmongers LLC was formed by a group of industry veterans from EA, Activision, and Cryptic Studios with the vision of creating a high quality, free to play, online games.

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Syncopate is a leading Russian online game publisher introducing a brand new social network for gamers – GameNet – that enhances both the gaming experience and game to game communications. GameNet seamlessly integrates social networking and community features that extend the boundaries of online gaming. Syncopate is the exclusive publisher in Russia and the CIS of internationally acclaimed hits including Blood Rites by KongZhong (NASDAQ:KONG), Rage of Titans by Ningbo SG-TY and War Inc. Battlezone by Online Warmongers Group. Additional information is available at